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In today’s episode we welcome Meaghan Davenport of Gibby’s Capital! Gibby’s Capital has $71.5M in assets under management comprised of a total of 724 units acquired in just 18 months.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What is asset management?
  • How to get started on the asset management side of the business
  • What kind of skills and time commitment is needed for asset management

Episode Timeline

00:09 Introduction

06:29 The Start of Multifamily Journey

08:47 Missing the YAHOO! Opportunity

11:01 Getting the First Deal

12:40 From Cosmetology, Construction, Counseling to Multifamily

14:40 Asset Management

18:35 Lenders' Role

21:21 Working with Partners

23:20 Sharing responsibilities-putting system and processes in place

25:36 Advice to Aspiring Asset Manager

It’s about building relationship and adding value to the partnership.


Meaghan Davenport

Gibby's Capital Investments

As a Managing Partner of Gibby's Capital Investments, Meaghan's primary role is head of Asset Management. Her specialty is reducing risk while driving property performance and ultimately increasing the net operating income of each asset. This results in increased profitability for our investors and partners, while creating a beautiful safe environment for their tenant base.

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