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Give a warm welcome to our very first guest on the show: Fiya Mosley with AM Multifamily investments LLC. In this 30 minute podcast, listen in as we dive into the dynamics of building a successful real estate team.

Episode Timeline

00:04 Introduction

03:22 Building a Multifamily Real Estate Team

11:52 What to Look for in A Partnership

14:45 About Forming LLC's with Potential Partners

Focus on a certain area and build solid relationships with brokers. Be open to having partners but always set boundaries that you want from the get go.


Thanks again to Fiya Mosley for being our very first guest on the show. We hope you enjoyed this episode. Please comment below on what you loved about the show – and let us know what kind of topics you’d love to hear on our future episodes!


Fiya Mosley

Fiya is experienced in real estate sales and multifamily property ownership. Fiya’s past employment at juvenile detention gave her a passion for mentoring teens and young adults. She has always found real estate to be an extremely valuable avenue for high yield investing. With these two passions she has created a company that uses real estate investing to develop young adults into leaders. Her team has closed on 172 units in under a year.

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