Commercial Real Estate Bosses

In today’s episode we talk with Casey Purvis of 1Vision Capital about starting with 401k to invest in Multifamily.

  • Why multifamily is better than the stock market
  • How to use your 401k to invest
  • The tax advantages of real estate investing

Episode Timeline

00:03 Introduction

03:49 Real Estate : Not a Rich Quick Scheme

04:45 The Law of the First Deal

11:20 Running a Business is Different

13:59 How to Start with Your 401K

17:41 Multi Family and Cost Segregation Analysis

21:50 Millionaires of Real Estate

02:10 My Strength : Acquisition and Capital Risk

27:00 Where to Invest Your Money? - Multi Family : Recession Proof Asset

A business background is essential, but running a business is completely different. You got to have a business background and a team of people that are good at their specific traits and business in general.


Casey Purvis

1 Vision Capital

Casey Purvis spent 32 years in the construction industry as an electrician/contractor and has built numerous businesses from the ground up. He is currently VP of Acquisitions for 1 Vision Capital which has acquired 730 units in the last 3 years.

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