Commercial Real Estate Bosses

In today’s episode of Commercial Real Estate Bosses we meet with Donato Callahan to talk about:
– When does due diligence really start?
– How to conduct proper market research
– Leveraging your resources to save you time in the long run

Episode Timeline

00:10 Introduction

04:52 The Amazing Team

06:32 Creating a System and Process

09:00 The Complex Process - Dynamic Result

12:00 How Doing the Underground Works Help You Exceed Expectation

15:13 How Our Hearts Gets Broken for Our First Deal

18:26 Creating My Own Business Equation

20:32 Visualize Real Estate Information : Making Right Investing Decision

23:19 Investing Decisions Thru Research and Data

24:37 My Philosophy - It is Our Responsibility

25:37 Open Yourself to Opportunities and Dedicate Yourself to it

It is your responsibility to yourself to pick it up, to figure out how to make it work. The life that you want to live is possible, it just takes more time and effort than you think but it CAN BE DONE.

AM-Multifamily Investments LLC

Donata Callahan is a 23 Year Old Real Estate Investor w/176 Multi-Family Units & Real Estate Software Start-Up CEO.

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