Commercial Real Estate Bosses

In today’s episode of Commercial Real Estate Bosses we meet with Jeff Holzmann to talk about:
• What the future holds for the commercial real estate market as we head into 2023
• Increasing costs of building and its effect on the housing market
• The impact on valuations and buyer-seller expectations as interest rates rise

Episode Timeline

00:15 Introduction

00:31 The COO Journey

05:47 The Pandemic and Forecasting Economic Effect

09:32 Developing a New Community and Maximize Land Property

14:31 The Game Plan

18:15 Business of being successful

21:26 Deals that scale : Interest in Multi Family

26:40 New Verticals for 2023

I am not in the business of being right but I’m in the business of being successful. You have a responsibility that people with you will be successful.

RREAF Holdings

Chief Operating Officer at RREAF Holdings with over 25 years of senior executive management experience in the digital technology, venture capital investments, aviation and real estate industries, mostly with large, publicly traded companies.

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