Commercial Real Estate Bosses

If anyone needs proof that commercial real estate works, meet Emma Powell. Find out how she went from Stay At Home Mom/PT Photographer to being able to fully support her family of EIGHT after her husband’s THIRD layoff in November of 2022.

  • How she was able to piece meal her own real estate journey using local REIA’s in Salt Lake City
  • Why being accountable to someone could be more important than buying into an expensive mentorship program
  • Why she is scared of a potential recession in 2023 and what she is doing about it

Episode Timeline

00:08 Introduction

01:16 From Photography Business to Commercial Real Estate

07:46 Growing Multifamily Portfolio

18:33 Getting into Syndication

25:00 How to Keep up with Recession

33:56 The 1:1 Accountability Program

Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith. You’ve been preparing and learning for something and you are 50-80% confident that you can do it, you just got to take the leap and learn while doing it.


Emma Powell

Highrise Group

Emma Powell is the owner/operator of Highrise Group and has partnered on nearly 1000 units since relocating to Salt Lake City in 2018 after 20 years in Austin TX, as either a general manager, capital raiser, or loan guarantor. She and her husband of 25 years, Troy Powell, are parents of six homeschooled children ages 24 to 10.

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