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Huge shout out to Erin Hudson of Quattro Capital for sharing her wisdom and enthusiasm in today’s show! Today we talk about:
– A unique and creative way to get into your first deal quickly
– How she get her 15 year old children into the real estate business
– The importance of having a strong team

Episode Timeline

00:13 Introduction

00:52 Transitioning to Real Estate Realm

02:04 Owning Apartment Buildings not just for Billionaires

03:10 Multifamily and Alternative Investing

04:54 Get equipped and educated

08:07 How to get started

11:02 Be Resourceful

13:13 Getting the kids involved in Real Estate Investing

16:29 Be careful who you partner with

19:31 Be grateful

20:15 Advice to Parents

26:07 Don't bet on the horse, Bet for the Jockey

Be GRATEFUL for the goodness that you have today. Doing so attracts ABUNDANCE.


Thanks again to Erin Hudson for joining us in this dynamic episode. We hope you enjoyed it! Please comment below on what you loved about the show – and let us know what kind of topics you’d love to hear on our future shows!


Erin Hudson

Quattro Capital

Erin is a mama of 5 and an exceptional entrepreneur that is on fire to inspire the masses. Co-Founder of Quattro Capital and have raised over $30 million dollars. Quattro Capital has closed on 26 apartments in the last 3 years and currently has $179 million assets under management.

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