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Join us for this week’s episode as we interview Melissa Elizondo with 1 Vision Capital! Melissa has grown her business to 662 units in a short period of time and shares her story and experience that led to her success.

Episode Timeline

00:12 Introduction

02:00 Starting Multifamily Portfolio

05:10 Raise Capital for Somebody else' Deal

06:29 Setting Realistic Goals and Timeframe

15:10 Be very specific in setting a goal: Create a vision board

18:50 Life Intentions and Goals

22:20 From Finding Deals to Raising Capital

24:21 Setting Standards and Boundaries

25:36 Challenges

27:03 Love and Hate Relationship with Underwriting Deals - Tips and Advice

One thing I like about this business is that it takes a village. It is not selfish. We are sharing the wealth, tasks and obstacles.


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Melissa Elizondo

1 Vision Capital

Melissa Elizondo is a general partner in 1 Vision Capital LLC. She brings her experience, network, and expertise to the company in order to help make 1 Vision Capital a tremendous success for shareholders, business partners, and investors.

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