Commercial Real Estate Bosses

Happy Tuesday, CRE Bosses! Today’s episode is all about Virtual Assistants. We meet with Maricela Soberanes to discuss:

  • What kind of tasks to outsource to a virtual assistant to free up your time
  • When is the best time to hire a virtual assistant
  • How long it actually takes to get someone to invest in a deal with you from social media

Episode Timeline

00:08 Introduction

01:02 The Humble Beginnings

06:20 Hiring Virtual Assistants to Upscale the Business

08:12 Delegating tasks to Virtual Assistants

10:13 When is the good time to hire Virtual Assistants

14:02 Directing and Delegating will give you higher of return

15:03 Building a network of Reliable Virtual Assistants

21:06 Transition to Syndication

24:14 Joint Venture in Storage Facilities and Mobile Home Parks

28:31 Time is a Valuable Asset

Clear your mind to see the high paying tasks that you should be doing

Up Plex

Christopher Linger and Maricela Soberanes are principals at Up Plex. They are accredited Real estate investors who have been Investing in real estate since 2006. They passively Invested in 9 multifamily syndications across five states before they became general partners in 6 syndications or 1750+ apartments. Currently they have over $250M multifamily portfolio under management. Maricela has a business degree and a successful medical service business since 2015. Chris Linger has an MBA, twenty-six years of active-duty Navy services (ret), now full-time apartment syndicator. In addition, they successfully Joint Ventured with other specialized partners to acquire self-storage facilities and mobile home parks valued over $5M.

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