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Today we talk about Assisted Living vs Multifamily Investing with Camilla Jeffs.

Our topics include:

  • How she involves her 5 teenage kids in real estate investing
  • Why she likes assisted living to diversify her portfolio
  • Her strategy to invest in any economy
  • What steps to take to leave your W2 and become an active investor

Episode Timeline

00:05 Introduction

00:28 From humble beginnings to building a Portfolio

06:25 Getting 5 teenage kids involve in real estate investing

08:17 DIY Projects

11:46 Investing in Assisted Living

17:27 Diversifying Investment Portfolio

18:50 Preparing for Recession

23:30 How to leave your W2 and become an active investor

28:50 Investor Relations

34:17 Tips and Advice

Invest in at least one asset every year no matter what the market is doing to keep you on track and get you towards your financial goals.


Camilla Jeffs

Steady Stream Investments

Camilla is the owner of Steady Stream Investments, a passive investor education company providing investments in large multifamily. She has been a real estate investor for 20 years and enjoys teaching others how to level up their investing.

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