Commercial Real Estate Bosses

In today’s episode we talk with Lee Fjord of Green Forest Capital of the differences between active and passive investing in the multifamily space.

  • How Lee pivoted and scaled his business from double digit units to owning 450 apartments in under 3 years
  • Lee’s recommended path when getting started as a new investor in commercial real estate
  • The difference between a 506(b) and a 506(c) offering
  • Lee’s projection on the market and how the sudden change in interest rates has affected his team’s investment strategy

Episode Timeline

00:09 Introduction

02:18 Broker vs. Investor

03:29 Real Estate Investing Journey

07:54 Passive versus Active Investing

13:43 Commercial Real Estate Requires Team Effort

15:28 Types of Deals

18:19 Challenges

19:25 The Impact of Interest Rates in Real Estate Investing

25:44 Tips and Advice- CRAWL WALK RUN FLY!

Focus your time and effort in learning and creating network of successful real estate people.


Lee Fjord

Green Forest Capitals

Lee is a multifamily syndicator with over a decade of experience in real estate, from managing property’s to brokering sales and now running 450 apartments with more on the tracks.

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