Commercial Real Estate Bosses

In today’s episode of Commercial Real Estate Bosses we meet with Jessica Buck to talk about:

  • Starting your real estate business while working full time as a W2 employee
  • Managing your real estate investments while living out of state
  • Why she invested passively on her first multifamily deal

Episode Timeline

00:09 Introduction

02:36 Getting the First Deal

07:03 Find the Deals and Capital will come

09:05 The Real Work Starts After Closing the Deal

10:29 Benefits of Building Relationships

13:39 Growing Real Estate Portfolio While Active in Military

19:06 How Military Discipline helps in Real Estate Business

26:30 Importance of Capital Raising

Having a great GP team is everything. You have to work together and understand the importance of team work


Jessica Buck

TJR Investments LLC

Jessica Buck is the founder and owner of TJR Investments LLC. A problem solver by nature, Jessica has invested in SFR and Multifamily, initially passively and currently part of a GP team. She has a passion for educating and assisting others, and ensures her investments improve the life of residents and communities alike.

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