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Huge Welcome to Tyler Deveraux in today’s episode of Commercial Real Estate Bosses. Tyler has known my husband Boyd for 17 years now. If it weren’t for the solid relationship between my husband and Tyler I wouldn’t be in multifamily today! Listen in on our story and how Boyd and I got in to the multifamily business.

Today’s session is JAM PACKED with huge takeaways and nuggets including:
– What is forced appreciation and how can we achieve that
– Ways to increase NOI (Net Operating Income) on your property
– Keeping that Multifamily Mindset Going Into 2023 and beyond

Episode Timeline

00:20 Introduction

04:46 How I Started My Multi Family Investment

08:56 What is Force Appreciation and How to Achieve It

15:26 How to Increase Net Operating Income?

18:02 Pro's and Con's of Having Tenant and Renovations

21:17 Changing Strategies and Risk Return of Investments

24:30 2023: Biggest Opportunity

30:46 Mindset and Believe in Your Core

37:20 My Biggest Advice : Faith and Confidence

Mindset is important. True confidence comes from experience. Challenges are going to come and you are going to prepare for it. Take Action and FAITH comes in.

The Multifamily Mindset

Managing partner of Multifamily Capital Partners. Co-Founder & CEO of The Multifamily Mindset. Controls over 2,500 apartment units, throughout 6 different states, with values north of $250 Million.

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