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Hi CRE Bosses, today we interview a teacher turned investor named Angel Williams. Here are some highlights:

  • How she transitioned from single family investments into multifamily syndications
  • How she got into investing in oil wells!
  • ow she uses the skills and passions from her teaching career in multifamily today

Episode Timeline

00:07 Introduction

02:37 Transition from single family investments into multifamily

03:46 Becoming a Syndicator

05:14 Portfolio: Syndication and Oil Joint Venture

06:40 The Journey to Financial Freedom

11:28 Building Relationships with Investors and Friends

12:46 Investing in Oil Wells

16:54 The Challenges

19:49 Tips and Advice

Find a really good coach or mentor, because when things are going crazy, that’s your lifeline.

Lorren Capital, LLC

Angel is a Co-Founder of The Academy Presents and a Managing Partner of Lorren Capital, LLC. She has experience in SF rentals, Residential MF rentals, MF Syndication, and Oil and Gas investing. Angel received a BBA from Baylor University in 2000, and an MS in Economics in 2002.

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