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I’m so excited about today’s episode with Bethany LaFlam. Today’s episode is so jam-packed, you’ll need to listen to it more than once. As an experienced SEC lawyer, Bethany breaks down the Top 3 Legal Mistakes New Syndicators Make. Here are some highlights:

  • How to pay/GET PAID as a “capital raiser” in multifamily syndications
  • The differences between a 506(b) and a 506(c) and why you need to know it
  • Can my friends of friends invest in my 506(b) deal?
  • What steps you need to take to ensure you have established a “substantial relationship” with your investors prior to presenting a 506(b) deal

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Episode Timeline

00:05 Introduction

03:13 Top 3 Mistakes New Syndicators Make

34:19 Trying to pay Capital Raisers just to raise funds

09:34 Not vetting their partners well enough

13:23 Getting too excited in Advertising on Social Media

19:40 506(b) - Proof of Substantial Relationship

24:24 Do not offer GUARANTEED Return

26:54 Tips and Advice

You can build your empire using OPE (Other People’s Everything). Figure out what you are amazing at. Figure out what are your unique gifts and talents and STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE


Bethany LaFlam

Premier Law Group

Bethany LaFlam is an entrepreneur, a seasoned deal lawyer, a mother and a visionary. With more than 20 years experience practicing law, Bethany has leveraged that expertise into her business life. While her current role as Managing Partner of Premier Law Group focuses primarily on real estate syndications and funds.

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