Commercial Real Estate Bosses


Ruth Hiller

“The Accidental Businesswoman” started her multifamily career. In just 3 years, she now has an interest in 3700 doors across 8 states as both an active and passive investor.

Christal deBoer

Christal deBoer, with Live Oak Capital, has been involved in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Over the last few years, Christal branched into commercial Real Estate, specializing in Apartments and Self Storage Facilities.

Edmund Chien

Retired Private Equity specialist and licensed stock broker with a focus on capital raising for real estate syndications. His clients included accredited investors and family offices.

Angel Williams

Co-Founder of The Academy Presents and a Managing Partner of Lorren Capital, LLC. She has experience in SF rentals, Residential MF rentals, MF Syndication, and Oil and Gas investing.

Bethany LaFlam

Bethany LaFlam is an entrepreneur, a seasoned deal lawyer, a mother and a visionary. With more than 20 years experience practicing law, Bethany has leveraged that expertise into her business life.

Maricela Soberanes

Christopher Linger and Maricela Soberanes are principals at Up Plex. They are accredited Real estate investors who have been Investing in real estate since 2006.

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