Commercial Real Estate Bosses


Rhea Tobin

A reformed program & operations manager who started her own business in real estate investing  and is building it to have the life she has dreamed of.

Yeadon Smith

A recovering youth minister now working full time in Real Estate. Owner of Live Oak Real Estate, and co-founder of Live Oak Capital, a real estate investment firm.

Chad Gallagher

The Co-founder and Head of Growth and Investments at Home365. Has a degree in engineering and his early career years were spent in digital advertising.

Brian Briscoe

Full-time apartment investor with ownership interests in over $100 million in assets. He is a multifamily coach, the director of the multifamily educational community The Tribe of Titans, and the host of the “Diary of an Apartment Investor” podcast.

Ruth Hiller

“The Accidental Businesswoman” started her multifamily career. In just 3 years, she now has an interest in 3700 doors across 8 states as both an active and passive investor.

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