Commercial Real Estate Bosses


Jennings Smith

CEO of My First Million in Multifamily, co-creator of the coaching and mentor program The Deal Room and the host of Unlock Your Life Podcast. Amassing a portfolio of apartment complexes, self storage, and mobile home parks.

Sandhya Seshadri

An engineer turned into real estate entrepreneur. Helps business professional build wealth through real estate through investing. Hands-on apartment syndicator and asset manager dedicated to serve its customers.

Casey Purvis

An entrepreneur who invests in multifamily and focuses on markets with strong growth potential. Purchasing properties that adds value and improves the lives of the tenants as well as significantly increase the value of the property.

Lisa Parrish

Lisa and her husband has been in multifamily for 15 years and have acquired over 3,300 units throughout their career. They are now helping others find success including their two sons (21 and 23).

Cyndee Harding

Cyndee Harding is a former owner of her own accounting practice. She has over 25 years expertise in understanding profit and loss, asset retention and management. She is currently Asset Managing several multifamily properties.

Lee Fjord

Lee is a multifamily syndicator with over a decade of experience in real estate, from managing property’s to brokering sales and now running 450 apartments with more on the tracks.

Meaghan Davenport

Meaghan’s primary role is head of Asset Management. Her specialty is reducing risk while driving property performance and ultimately increasing the net operating income of each asset.

Erin Hudson

Erin is a mama of 5 and an exceptional entrepreneur that is on fire to inspire the masses. She has raised over $31 million dollars for Quattro Capital, closed on 26 apartments and has $179 million assets under management.

Fiya Mosley

Fiya is experienced in real estate sales and multifamily property ownership. She has always found real estate to be an extremely valuable avenue for high yield investing. Her team has closed on 172 units in under a year.

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