Commercial Real Estate Bosses

Hear Christy Keeton’s “Rag to Riches” story, starting from $150,000 in credit card debt at the start of 2020, to owning 1000 apartment units today.

Here are some highlights from today’s episode:

  • How she used LoopNet to find her first deal
  • How she is changing her underwriting for 2023
  • What is “mezzanine debt” and how she uses that to bridge the gap on value add projects

Episode Timeline

00:09 Introduction

00:27 From Oil and Gas Industry to Commercial Real Estate

06:23 Networking is key

08:17 The Struggles

10:34 Using LoopNet to find deals

13:10 Building relationships with brokers

14:20 Building the Portfolio

18:40 Investing in Mentorship

19:45 Underwriting for 2023

21:57 The Mezzanine Debt

23:05 Tips and Advice

It doesnt matter if they say NO. Just keep going because somebody will gonna say YES. And when they say yes it’s gonna be a home run for you.


Christy Keeton

Keeton Realty Investments

Christy is an Oil & Gas Engineering Technician turned Real Estate Investor, Networking Professional and Underwriting Expert. In 2019, she turned her focus to multi-family real estate. She chose real estate investing to have financial freedom and help support charitable organizations for human trafficking and clean water in rural villages of India.

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