Commercial Real Estate Bosses

Hello, CRE Bosses! In today’s episode we talk about Fund Management vs Asset Management. Here are some of the highlights we discuss with Jennifer Joyce:

  • How she scaled to 4000 units over the last 3 years
  • What is a fund, and how does it benefit me as a passive or active investor?
  • What kind of steps are we taking to prepare for a recession as an asset manager

Episode Timeline

00:06 Introduction

01:12 Big Move to Syndication

05:04 Asset Management

10:50 Plans for 2023

13:06 Building Relationships

16:00 Recession Proofing

20:23 Fund Management Vs Asset Management

28:28 Always Be Underwriting

Cash flow is King but also constantly moving real estate is another piece of that.


Jennifer Joyce

JJ Capital Investments

Jennifer Joyce is a 20+ year real estate investor. She currently manages 3000 doors across the nation.

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