Commercial Real Estate Bosses

Today we talk about Self Storage vs Multifamily Investing with Christal deBoer.

Our topics include:

  • Why does she like self storage versus multifamily in this market
  • What is she doing differently to prepare for a recession
  • How she is able to acquire and manage properties from out of state

Episode Timeline

00:08 Introduction

02:39 Mentorship Program

04:48 Self storage versus Multifamily

10:53 Preparing for Recession

14:31 Involvement in Asset Management and Capital Raising

21:13 How they manage properties from out of state

23:00 Tips and Advice

Surrounding yourself with people that has the same passion, have the same drive as you do and want the same things is really key.


Christal deBoer

Live Oak Capital

Christal deBoer, with Live Oak Capital, has been involved in the real estate industry for over 25 years. Over the last few years, Christal branched into commercial Real Estate, specializing in Apartments and Self Storage Facilities. Christal now has ownership and participates in the asset management of 405 Apartment Units (4 complexes) and 613 Self Storage Units (5 facilities).

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